About us

Marre Logo is one of the leading designer and supplier of safety relay modules for critical / vital applications. We are expert in the development and production of assemblies and systems incorporating safety critical electromechanical components.

The firm is an owner-run company located in Rietberg (Ostwestfalen in central Germany). We have 35+ years of experience in proving a wide range of reliable solid and creative solutions in the design of safety-critical assemblies for:

Rail automation

Rolling Stock


Turbofan engine test facilities

We would be pleased to help you tackle your safety relay challenges. Please send us an email to get in touch…..

Peter Marré

Reliability – Availability and durability… SAFELY

Consistent reliability, availability and durability define the high quality of our products. Our quality and performance criteria reflect the tough demands and operating needs of our customers. A close direct cooperation with our customers insures successful project implementation from initial development to proof-of-concept and finally series production.

The Marré Control Systems History

Today ́s company was originally named Industrie-Elektronik-Marré (Marré Industrial Electronics). In the beginning we developed and manufactured assemblies for power-operated gate and door systems in addition to photoelectric sensors for light control in high quality furniture. Initiallyocntrols were developed and manufactured for general mechanical engineering.

Development of a modular and variable control for passenger lifts. Development and implementation of a new drive concept for lift systems with frequency converter for saving power and improving the drivability of the lift cage.

Development of product family of compact modules with safety relays on former normative basis of VDE0113, the current EN 60204, for a well-known switching device manufacturer. Ready-to-connect modules have been designed for the functions E-STOP, SAFETY GATE MONITORING/LOCKING, MUTING with prototype testing, just to name a few applications.

Change of Marré Steuersysteme Gbr to MARRÉ Steuersysteme GmbH. Focusing on the business areas of customer-specific interface modules and function modules for electrical automation, module technology with electromechanical components for safety-relevant applications.

Collaboration with a service provider in the field of wafer handling systems. Automation and control of linear axis systems as well as qualification of 6-axis industrial robot, for cleanroom use.

Collaboration with a supplier of ultrasonic measurement systems. Development/redesign of subsystems. The first developments and manufacturing of system components for a global manufacturer in the railway industry.

The first development and manufacture of control modules for rolling stock.

Development and manufacture of functional subsystems for the retrofitting of rolling stock.

Positive business developments in all core areas.

We still intend to do a lot more in the future…

Peter Marré founded „Marré Steuersysteme“ in 1988.

He has more than 35 years of professional experience in the areas of development, marketing, management, automation for general mechanical engineering, semiconductor manufacturing and ultrasonic sensor technology.

He is responsible for development and manufacture, and holds several patents.